Full Farewell Address by General Douglas MacArthur (Duty, Honor, Country)

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Address by.jpgIn 1962 during his second year at West Point, my father attended an address by the Great American General Douglas MacArthur. It was what would become known as one of the greatest speeches in history. Recently, my father's vinyl recording of the event was re-discovered in a box along with the program. While I have found bits and pieces of audio from the speech on YouTube or in obsolete audio formats posted way back in the 1990s in various corners of the web, I did not see the full audio online, so I thought it might be useful to others to remedy that.

I also felt that reading the speech within the pages of the actual program handed out on the day the address was delivered would be enjoyable for others, so I have scaned it and converted it to a PDF document. You can download and view that here: USMA MacArthur Farewell Address 62.pdf  A copy/paste-friendly version of the address can be found at American Rhetoric and other spots on the web. I hope that you will be enriched by these priceless treasures of our great history and be inspired as an American to know that our greatest days yet lie ahead.

General Douglas MacArthur USMA 1962: Duty, Honor, Country (Full) from Blogbat on Vimeo.


Martin is a master's student in national security studies and is the executive director of Samizdat International, a genuine human rights concern. Martin undertook his internship with the London-based Henry Jackson Society in the summer of 2009. He hates the Turabian style format.

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